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6. Souvenir Shopping Tour


Duration:Up to you ...
From - to:All the year round
  • 300 CZK per hour / group (12 EUR)
  • If you order more then one tour- we agree a special price for you

Pick up service at your hotel possible - not in price included.

Tour Program:

  • I will show you the real souvenir shops in the direct centre of the city with typical Czech-made souvenirs.
    - Czech Beer (,,
    - Becherovka Liquer (
  • Original Czech glass and porcelain, Czech original toys :marionettes, wooden toys, chess pieces historical tin figures ...
  • Czech garnet - richly red colour of the garnet, the colour of blood, provides man with willpower, selfconfidence, and a desire to succeed. Furthermore, it is believed to boost courage, to build up vigour, favouring its owner with cheerfulness. It is a universal luckbringing stone therefore recommended to be worn as amulet. (,
  • Moser glass - Since 1857 Moser has produced handcrafted quality collections. Using the same techniques perfected almost 150 years ago, the glass of kings is still the choice of connoisseurs and admirers of the exceptional beauty (
  • Art decoratif shops you can purchase replicas of art nouveau decorations such as jewellery, glass works, ceramics, textile, lamps. Al of these are made according to original A.Mucha, E. Galle, J. Hoffmann designs (
  • Spa wafers
  • and much more...